Founded by Technicians for Technicians

PMG was founded by two longtime technicians who had the fortune to work with some of the best mechanics and craftsmen in the industry.

It is this early experience that guides PMG’s recruitment and retention of team members. When you’re with us, you can expect supervisors and a leadership team that understand the unique pressures you face.


Why Work at PMG?

We Help Our Team Grow

Our founders’ early experiences working and learning alongside experienced craftsmen guides how we encourage professional development today. We encourage our team to grow their skillset, find a niche, and otherwise strengthen their abilities..

We’re Focused on Workmanship

We prioritize quality workmanship, and we challenge our field techs to do their best work. When you work for PMG, you can expect a challenging environment that rewards your expertise and care.

We Take Care of Our Clients

PMG was founded to ensure that our clients get excellent service from skilled technicians. We encourage our technicians to care for our clients as they would their own businesses. As a team member, you can do what’s best for your clients.

We Value Our Team

Our founders have worked as mechanics and technicians for decades. We understand the unique pressures that our field techs experience, and we’ve designed our experience to simplify your work and home life.