Relationship-Based HVAC
& Mechanical Solutions

Preferred Mechanical Group is a mechanical contracting company for commercial and industrial companies. The majority of our clients are in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. We believe in creating tailored options for each of our clients and we match that with extensive OEM knowledge and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

PMG operates on a relationship-first approach to service and our team is dedicated to building long-term working partnerships that help us better serve our clients. As we come to understand your HVAC system better, we’re able to provide better, more targeted interventions when you need them.

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Our Approach

We prioritize proper and thorough diagnostics. By finding the exact problem, we’re able to find cost-effective solutions to your building’s HVAC & automation problems.

As we become familiar with your building's systems, we’re able to further refine processes and diagnostics to lower costs, increase efficiency, and troubleshoot developing problems.

Why Preferred Mechanical Group?

  • OEM

    Our leadership team and technicians both have OEM knowledge that is extensive. We’re able to diagnose and service multiple heating and cooling manufacturers to the highest industry standards.

  • Technical

    As a company, we prioritize expertise. When combined, our team has over 200+ years of factory-trained OEM experience, and we parlay that into effective service and maintenance for our clients.

  • Customer

    Our approach to client satisfaction sets us apart from our competition. We’ve built a team both in-office and on the field that is dedicated to ensuring you get a curated customer experience.

  • On-Hand

    We have a warehouse that we use to stock our trucks with common commercial heating and cooling parts. This ensures we’re able to perform repairs without any unnecessary trips or wait times.

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Our Core Values


If your chiller goes down, you feel the urgent need to get it repaired. PMG shares that urgency, and we allow it to motivate our service calls and maintenance agreements.


We’ve built a team that has unmatched industrial and commercial HVAC expertise–often with specific manufacturers or industries. We pride ourselves on being able to send a specialist for your equipment.


We encourage all of our employees to grow in their career. Whether they’re a decades-long veteran or an assistant, we help them become a better technician.


We strive to have a nimble response to our client’s needs. Industrial and commercial HVAC problems don’t always happen when it’s convenient so we strive to ensure that a problem doesn’t keep you down longer than it should.

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PMG Partners

Kevin Harris, CEO/President of PMG

Kevin Harris, CEO/President

22 Years OEM Experience

Ever since he was a child, it’s been Kevin’s dream to start a business. It’s that motivation that’s responsible for his drive, determination, urgency, and desire to succeed–all core values of PMG.

He founded PMG to be a technician-led company that embraces those core values while changing the way his North Texas clients understand the HVAC industry and customer service.

As PMG’s CEO & President, he’s dedicated to building PMG into Dallas Fort-Worth's premiere mechanical contractor and service provider.

Dustin McBlain, COO of PMG

Dustin McBlain, COO

19 Years OEM Experience

Dustin began his career as a pipefitter, but his natural problem-solving abilities and curiosity helped him become a mechanic and technician for companies like Carrier and Johnson Controls.

As PMG’s COO, he brings his fascination with complex problems and the inability to leave them unsolved. He’s an innovator at heart and helps his technicians find solutions to his client's problems.

Dustin has wanted to found an HVAC company since he was young, and he brings his enthusiasm for the work and a dedication to providing old-fashioned customer service to each client interaction.